About us

For a dream like ours to come true, it’s not just about talking the talk and walking the walk but, in our case, also “singing the song”. We’re like a band of four that are so in sync that we could play music together. Our dream was never a one man show.

We also have our guys that, although you might not see them, make all the difference. They’re the ones that compose our music, write the lyrics and above all make sure the curtain goes up every day. Without them, what we sing may just sound like noise!


Hi there!

Let us tell you the story of a how our dream came true.

It started in the year 2000, with us discovering the Hacienda Zorita. Back then, all there was here was a dilapidated building with walls that had seen 700 years of history… and somehow, we could feel a tingle in the air, one that made us sense why the previous owners must have fallen in love with this rare place.

And... we weren’t able to resist its charm either.

After our “love at first sight” - moment we turned into four men with a mission and vision. This endeavour has been inspired by none other than Christoper Columbus! We were fascinated by his weird idea of reaching Eastern land by sailing to West. It really was a wild dream that came true. Just imagine, he came here to Hacienda Zorita 500 hundred years ago, and dared to tell the Dominican academics that lived here, what the world had to offer... His entrepreneurial spirit is still alive within the walls of our Hacienda Zorita today.

All people have dreams of their own, some of which stay dreams forever. We, the Why Not Band, wanted ours to come true. Come meet us and live the dream. You’re going to love it!


Our dream was to create a place ToLive that our guests would Love. A place where life will pass… at SLOW pace.

This place is Hacienda Zorita.

A meeting point and melting pot, for the eclectic skills and personal passions of a globe trotter that always finds his way home; of a food lover who arrived one day and never left again; of a winemaker that always thinks out of the box and sees far and beyond; and lastly of a flying chef who wanted to reach the stars and finally got his own.

This is the place where the symphony of good taste and simple, genuine luxury comes together to become the essence of everything we do.


The truly valuable things in this world are not the ones that one can simply buy. They’re the ones that have to be lived and you love.

That’s why our business is never about things and places. It’s about making people live unforgettable moments.

We consider our mission turning your cravings & expectations into lifelong memories, those that last forever after you leave us to return to ordinary life.

Life is too short not to live it & love it to its fullest!