of Spanish fine wines from the finest wine regions.


We’re a group of individuals that love connecting the dots, thinking out of the box and going places.

Our 10-year journey to new wine lands began back in 2000. This endeavour made us venture far away from our birthplace Hacienda Marqués de la Concordia in La Rioja Baja - Spain’s most famous fine wine region. We went looking for a new home away from home and found it in the Duero Valley. After this step we quickly made good friends in various different parts of the wine world.

Diversity and merit are the core values driving our large, cosmopolitan and entrepreneurial family of wines.

The one thing that keeps us together is wine… Because it’s in our blood!

Don José Abascal (1743-1821 †) was named I Marques de la Concordia Española del Peru in 1812 by King Fernando VII of Spain, thus recognising his personal merits as 25th Viceroy of Peru [1806-1816]. Man of his Age (The Enlightenment), he was an intellectual in the military who promoted important public work in Peru. He also sought to reform society and advance knowledge in the vast territory and the cities he governed on behalf of the King, by making creoles and metropolitan Spaniards work together. This is the origin of the word “Concordia” in his title.

The value of hard-earned merit and entrepreneurial spirit are symbolized by the four statues at our Welcome Home in Hacienda Zorita. Don José Abascal, the military named Marquis by the King for his personal merits governing Peru; Don José Abascal, the Liberal appointed Mayor of Madrid twice by the same Queen Isabel II he had contributed to send out on exile during the Revolucion Gloriosa in 1868; Don Vicente Barrantes, the erudite historian married to Doña Rafaela Abascal, who ruled the Philippines and then rescued the historic Monasterio de Guadalupe, a jewel of the Spanish medieval architecture, from oblivion; and Josefina Barrantes y Abascal, who kept their memories alive.