An epic love story

We're not the only ones who have been touched by this place through the years.


Duero Valley’s landscape is pure magic, that’s common sense – the uneasiness of its natural movement is one of our daily inspirations. But we’re not the only ones that have been touched by this place through the years.

Many artists (i.e. the movie industry) came here in search of inspiration and filming locations. Maybe the greatest example for this is the Hollywood film “Dr. Zhivago”, which Grand Finale was shot at Aldeadávila dam, immortalizing the stunning images of the bursting water. This is a love story that is set during Revolutionary times and its shooting had a great impact on local populations.


All villagers were invited to participate, as actors or extras: there was a massive response, which led to an increased dramatization. Across the web, we may find several information’s about it, including stories of those who were there, showing how unforgettable the experience was for the locals of such a remote place. “Doctor Zhivago” won 6 Oscars in 1965 and was a great opportunity for Spain to show the world its technological achievements and less known regions like Aldeadávila, Soria (besides Madrid, obviously). This is undoubtedly one of the must-see’s in Duero Valley, as it is both a symbol of human ambition and a magnificently beautiful place, where the interior sea of Castilla & Leon and the mouth of river Tormes meet, nearly at the point where it crosses with the Duero. The sunset at the dam is a once in a lifetime experience!


If you don’t believe us, just take a look at the picture that opens the post! If you’re going to Hacienda Zorita soon, don’t forget to ask for the tour to Aldeadávila at the Welcome Home. An expert will tell you everything you need to now to make sure you enjoy it the right way. If you’ve been there recently share your experience with us or send us your pictures to: We will post them on Facebook, at The Haciendas ENG!

From farm to plate. What a treat!

As I always say, our kitchen is deeply rooted in the soil of our land. We are farmers which is why I chose to present a starter studs Tudela de Duero style.

Why? Because it is a dish that includes the products of our Organic Farm, prepared according to traditional techniques used for centuries in the region. Plus, it’s a dish that takes into account the principles of Slow Food: seasonal produce, smallholder products and products of the region.
In order to achieve perfection, I recommend using a ham Iberian acorn 100% organic or natural ingredients and a good extra virgin olive oil. Only the finest ingredients will play well with the different textures of food.
Here you will find how to do it. At the beggining of this post, you have an explanatory video. However, if you prefer you can also follow the recipe and you will obtain the same perfect result! My advice is to pair it with our Hacienda Zorita Crianza, intense but fruity wine and soft tannins which provides an even more special flavour to this dish.
Bon appetit!
‘Tortilla Cream’
Asparagus Douro Valley (Tudela)
Jamón Ibérico de Bellota Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm (sliced)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm
For the ‘Tortilla Cream’:
2 Potatoes
1 onion
Milk, salt, pepper
This recipe has our own twist to a classic Spanish dish – omelette traditionally. Cook the potatoes and onion, mix with milk, salt and pepper. Fry until it reaches the desired thickness. When it is almost curd, beat and you will have a cream flavoured tortilla to accompany the ham and asparagus, which will provide a different texture to the dish.
Preparation of asparagus:
Peel the asparagus (leave the skin on the tips)
Cut the asparagus and cook with a little salt and sugar.
Tips – 2 min.
Stem – 4 min.
Do not bake the asparagus for too long because we like the taste and texture of the natural Asparagus: a chewy, fresh and crunchy texture.
1) Dip a slice of Iberian Ham Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm in Olive Oil.
2) Saute asparagus. Once cooke, let  it gain a golden colour, cooking it with a little extra virgin olive oil Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm in a hot pan.
3) Put a layer of tortilla cream in a bowl.
4) Remove the asparagus when the tip is golden, cut at different heights and distribute gently vertically above the cream tortilla.
5) Distribute the slice of ham cut into pieces about asparagus.
6) As topping, garnish with a few tender shoots.
7) Finally, we give a special touch by adding some foam fried egg.
I invite you to cook this recipe and share with us the result. Send a photo of your dish: or leave us your review below in the comments. If you want, you can adapt it to your liking. We want to know everything!


A very special moment…


…that moment when you open Wine Enthusiast, see the outstanding score your work/wine got and feel as if your heart is about to burst from your chest. So proud to be part of this Community. Impossible not to boast… Impossible not to share! And you? How would you score our Marqués de la Concordia Hacienda de Susar?

Why not?

the why not band

You may be asking yourself what we will talk about here, what kind of stories we will tell. Well: here you’ll find all those who share the same interests, who dream the same dreams and speak the same language than us. We’re 4 men who share the same vision of the world we live in and the way we make our dreams come true: the Why Not Band.

A globe trotter who always finds his way home; a flying chef who wanted to reach the stars and finally got his own; a winemaker that always thinks out of the box and conquers the world with his magic potions and lastly a food lover who arrived at Duero Valley one day and never left again. Here we’ll tell our stories, about what we do and how we do it, but we also expect that you share your moments, anecdotes, your best pictures and favourite places. Dare to be a part of this community!