Víctor Gutiérrez

This Víctor (vintage of ‘62) is quite the traveling type too… maybe it comes with the name?

His 10-year journey around the world took him from his native Peru to Salamanca, the Duero Valley’s city of Culture; but not before stopping over in soviet Moscow, where he studied architecture, and then Costa Brava, where his initiation into the secrets of cooking began.

All this travelling explains his cosmopolitan “fusion cuisine”, where the contemporary Duero Valley gastronomy merges with his Peruvian heritage, which in itself has been influenced by touches of Japanese, Chinese and ancient Inca cooking.

Although he became a Michelin star chef in 2003, he still strongly believes he’s a farmer at heart. He’s an advocate of the health benefits «farm cooking» brings and, the aspect that «farm food does good» is the centre of Zorita’s kitchen, the place where he and his apprentice Raul (vintage of ’87) cook what we grow.

He is the last to join the Why Not band and since then our Hacienda Zorita got the “sixth star”!