Jaime Boville García de Vinuesa

Jaime (vintage of ‘59) and Víctor have known each other since they went to school together in the 60s.

He’s always loved nature, trekking and mushroom-picking. When we asked him to join us he was actually working in advertising. Now, he keeps saying: “I did not realise my decision had bought me a one-way ticket, with no return”! He is the chair of Slow Food Duero Valley; nobody can beat this guy when it comes to tasting its fine foods & wines of the region.

Jaime and Gemma (vintage of ‘70), our master cheese-maker, became clicked minutes after meeting at Hacienda Zorita’s organic farm back in 2008. Both are just crazy about cheese! It was Gemma, who insisted on nothing but ewe’s raw milk, thistle and animal rennet allowed into our state-of-the-art creamery…we do as we’re told – she’s the boss.

Rafael (vintage of ‘62) is the 4th generation of the world famous Spanish olive oil family, the Salgados. When it comes to selecting our extra virgin olive oil, he and Jaime are our men.They both couldn’t help falling for the olives that grow organically in the terraced groves of the Duero Canyon…