Víctor Redondo Sierra

For some reason Víctor (vintage of ‘59) graduated in Law & Business Admin from ICADE in Madrid although his passions all along were actually art & travelling!

Following years of corporate business, he found his vocation in lifestyle hospitality for which he felt an enthusiasm he hadn’t previously had as an investment banker.

A globe trotter at heart, travelling the world continues to be his passion. After having lived in the USA, the Bahamas, Madrid and London, he recently moved to Lisbon… Who knows when the travel bug will bite him again!

He’s the kind of guy who loves going places, as much as creating things ToLive ∙ ToLove You can easily see that by the growing number of The Haciendas outposts all around the world: Stavanger, Madrid, Lisbon… as well as why he considers Hacienda Zorita his master piece. This is where in the early noughties Víctor and his friend Jorge Banús (1958 – 2008) started imagining what it could one day become.