Carmelo Angulo

A man with a peculiar sense of humour, Carmelo’s (vintage of ‘55) favourite line is “wine runs through my veins”. Nothing wrong with that – as long as you don’t have to drive!

Winemaking took him from his home Rioja Alta to every wine region of Spain… and further. Both Carmelo and Alma (vintage of ‘62) planted our first vines along the “wine river” in 2000 making it Carmelo’s second home ever since.

In fact, making wine in all possible colours, tastes and styles is much more than just business, it is his passion. Working shoulder to shoulder with Víctor they’ve transformed the humble Berberana winery into a wine giant. With that accomplished, they felt the urge to do something smaller in quantity and bigger in spirit.

Hacienda Marqués de la Concordia was their first venture. They broke new ground, creating the one experimental vineyard in all of Rioja by planting international grape varieties… then the Unamuno, Vega-Reina and Abascal vineyards in the Duero Valley followed suit. Last to join the family is the century-old Bodegas Lagunilla in Rioja Alta in 2012. And who knows: a fantastic Cava might just be in around the corner…

Together they make a great family!